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Classic Equestrian Knot-Free Hair Net

Cadence Equine's Classic Equestrian Knot-Free Hair Net: the essential accessory for riders seeking a safe, secure, and comfortable solution for managing their hair during rides. Designed with rider safety and comfort in mind, this long, knot-free hair net holds all of your hair neatly out of the way, ensuring it remains below the helmet line for optimal safety.

Safe and Secure: Our knot-free design prevents pony-tail hair from being tucked into the helmet.

Durable Netting: Crafted with durable netting, our hair net offers reliable performance ride after ride, providing a secure hold while remaining soft and comfortable to wear.

Made from Heavy-Weight Material: This superior hair net provides just the right amount of stretch to keep the net in place all day long, ensuring a snug and reliable fit.

No Slip Design: Featuring a no-slip design with generous length, our hair net prevents shifting or sliding during rides, providing peace of mind. 

Ideal for All Lengths of Hair: Whether you have shorter hair or long, thick locks, our knot-free hair net is perfect for all lengths of hair, neatly holding it out of the way for a polished and professional look.

Durable and Washable: Crafted with durability in mind, our hair net is washable, allowing for easy maintenance and ensuring it stays fresh and clean ride after ride.  We recommend washing by hand and hanging to dry, or washing on a gentle machine cycle inside a delicates laundry bag.

Soft Velvet Pouch:  Each hair net comes with a soft velvet pouch for safe storage in your tack box, keeping it protected and dust-free between uses.

Available Colors: Choose from three classic options—blonde, black and brown—to match your hair color.

Upgrade your equestrian look with our Classic Equestrian Knot-Free Hair Net. Prioritizing safety, comfort, and style, it's the perfect accessory for every rider's toolkit.