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Hybrid Fly Sheet

A Breathable, Durable, Heat-Reflective Fly Barrier for your Horse that Features Waterproof Panels for Rain Showers.

Our anatomically designed Hybrid Fly Sheet is the ultimate summer solution for unpredictable weather.

We have taken our best-selling Fly Force Fly Sheet and added waterproof panels along your horse's top line for protection from summer rain showers.  Perfect for those days when you're tossing up between a fly sheet and a rain sheet!

The Hybrid Fly Sheet has the same combination of ultra-durable, heat-reflective and breathable ripstop nylon as our Fly Force Fly Sheet – all engineered to keep your horse cool and comfortable while offering maximum protection from flies and insects. 


cadence equine's hybrid fly sheet

Our Hybrid Fly Sheets are built tough! They are made of a 100% ripstop nylon outer layer for strong, yet lightweight, protection combined with waterproof panels along your horse's top line for wet weather protection.

We use the highest quality stainless steel hardware because durability matters!

Our unique heat-reflective fabric helps reflect the sun to keep your horse cool all summer long.

We also incorporated generous-sized soft antibacterial lining over the neck, shoulders, belly band and tail flap for total comfort and protection.

Cadence Equine Hybrid Fly Sheets are engineered strong while not compromising on breathability.

Our Hybrid Fly Sheets are engineered using ultra-breathable (and heat-reflective) fabric that helps keep your horse cool on the hottest of days. The Hybrid Fly Sheet is the perfect solution for summer showers when you want protection from the wet weather but the breathability of a fly sheet!

The relaxed fit is designed for improved airflow to help keep horses cool while providing protection from bothersome flies.

Our Hybrid Fly Sheets have been shown to block up to 50% of the sun’s harmful UV rays by certified by independent 3rd party

Our unique Dynamic Closure Points use the highest-quality elastic placed at key closure points that ensures the ultimate in comfort and freedom of movement - right where your horse needs it most!

The ripstop nylon tight weave mesh is designed to help protect against the smallest of biting bugs and flies while ensuring breathability and durability.

Great question! The Hybrid Fly Sheet is exactly the same as the Fly Force Fly Sheet except it features waterproof panels along the horse's topline to provide protection during unpredictable summer weather.

The Hybrid Fly Sheet is perfect for those days where it's not raining heavy enough for a rain sheet but you still want to provide some wet weather and fly/bug protection while ensuring maximum breathability!