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Our Story in the Saddle

Welcome to Cadence Equine, the family-owned and operated equestrian company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We're a mother and daughter duo who share a passion for horses and everything equestrian.

Hi, I'm Rachel.  Being a lifelong 'horse girl' with a particular interest in dressage, I felt compelled to create this brand as a way to blend my love for horses with my entrepreneurial spirit! My daughter, Cadence, fell in love with horses from the moment she laid eyes on them (can you blame her?!) She's horse-crazy, spends every spare moment at the barn, and she competes in show jumping and dressage.

As a team we're committed to designing and creating exceptional equestrian products with your equine athlete in mind no matter what discipline you ride. We understand that every horse is unique, and that's why every product we create has had an equestrian behind it who knows what works and what doesn't.

Our focus is on high-quality products that make a difference in the lives of horses and their riders. We believe that every equestrian deserves access to exceptional products that help them achieve their goals and enjoy their time with their equine partner to the fullest.

At Cadence Equine we're not just passionate about equestrian sports - we live and breathe them. We understand the bond between a rider and their horse and how important that relationship is. That's why we pour our heart and soul into everything we create, from our fly sheets to saddle pads and everything in between.

We're excited to share our passion and expertise with fellow equestrians in Canada and the USA. Join us on this exciting journey, where we combine our love for horses with our expertise in crafting exceptional equestrian products. We're confident that you'll love our products just as much as we do, and we can't wait to help you and your equine partner reach new heights.

Athletic wear for your equine athlete